Thursday League

Every Thursday evening, tee off times from 16.30 from the 25th April to the 25th July there are matches against Caister (two teams) Rookery (two teams) Gorleston (Wednesdays) and Bungay. Caldecott are also running two teams, one captained by Bob Adams, the Cavaliers, and one by Gary Aldis, the Crusaders.


Have a look at the dedicated website for the latest news and updates.


The matches are generally at home one week and away the next against the same team. 

There are ten players per team so five pairs and the format is foursomes (alternate shots).

There is a league so you can see how you are positioned each week after the matches.

There is a meal afterwards at a cost of £11 plus a £1 tip. Usually change but no formal dress required.


It is great fun and you get to play with some very nice people!

All are welcome.


Put your name down on the notice board or speak to Bob or Gary

Latest Thursday League Positions
We have weekly updates as the fixtures are played. Points are earned by how many individual foursomes matches are won each Thursday. 


Thursday League Final Positions 2018

Thursday League Final Positions 2017