The Barn Works Team

 We have some fantastic and friendly staff here at the barn works who will make you feel at home.

We have fully qualified beauty therapists who can help you relax and get the best out of your treatment, along with aftercare advice to prolong the treatments effects.

We also have some wonderful fully qualified gym instructors who can help you with a programme to get started or to help acheive a personal fitness goal you may have.


Meet Our Staff & their Personalities

Abi - Our classes instructor, she does mainly our morning classes she is also a beauty therapist, Abi is very bubbly & weloming and very loud in Aquafit if you dont kick your legs hard enough!

James - Is our brand new Personal Trainer! James' specialities are in Lower Back Pain and in Metabolic Conditioning (Fast Fat Loss). His interests away from the gym include; rugby, cricket and rowing.

Vicki - One of our beauty therapists, Vicki is very good at what she does and will explain everything to you before and after treatment! She's also very into her sports loves watching tennis and the Olympic games.

Sascha - Another beauty therapist who provides our newest treatments and she does a firm massage. Sascha is also very bubbly and is often mistaken as Abi on the phone. Sascha's hair colour also seems to change every month or so.

Olivia - One of our massage therapists and facialist. Olivia specialises in sports massage, she too is very bubbly and a wonderful person to be around! She's great company and will talk to you about anything.

Will - Will is a Lovely guy! very chatty and bubbly, he could make anyone smile!, he can also do personal training on Saturdays, he's very musical and can help you with any guitar queries.


If you would like further information please contact us