Four-Way Golf

 "Four-way Golf" is a syndicate at the moment only comprising of three Norfolk golf clubs

(Unfortunately Costessey Park pulled out of the scheme in 2016.)

Caldecott Hall Golf Club
Richmond Park Golf Club
Middleton Hall Golf Club

The objective of “Four-way Golf”, is to provide benefits for the members of the above-mentioned clubs.

Key among these benefits is the facility for members of one club to play golf at each of the other three clubs at no cost.
(Terms and Conditions apply, see below).

Membership Benefits:

- Up to 36 rounds of golf per year with savings of over £720 in green fees.
- Handicap adjustment by playing qualifying rounds at other clubs.
- “Four-way Golf” Inter-club competitions.
- Opportunity to play other courses when your home course is unavailable because of fixture restrictions or is closed through adverse weather conditions.
- Facility to sign-in guests to play at other clubs.
- Subject to availability, tee times on week-days or at week-ends may be booked.


i ) Only golfing members aged 21 and over of the syndicated clubs may apply for membership of “Four-way Golf”.
ii) Membership is subject to payment of an annual subscription. This is currently set at £15. A membership card will be issued on payment of the non-refundable subscription fee.
iii) Members are entitled to ONE, free of charge round per calendar month per course. This entitlement is non-transferable.
iv) Only bona fide, paid up members are entitled to the benefits associated with “Four-way Golf”.
v) “Four-way Golf” members may sign-in one guest each when playing at any of the other three clubs. The host clubs normal guest green fees will apply.
vi) Tees must be booked in advance by phoning the host club. Groups of four or more players must book at least five days ahead of the proposed visit. Tee times will be allocated at the host clubs discretion
vii) Members must obtain a “Four-way Golf” bag tag from their home club in advance of each visit to another “Four-way Golf” club.
viii) Members will be required to register and show their membership card when signing-in at the host club. Photographic evidence of ID will be required.
ix) Members must at all time fully comply with the rules, dress code and etiquette of the host club.
x) The benefits of “Four-way Golf” may not be used in conjunction with special events or other discounted promotions. 

If you would like further information please contact us