Club Main Dates 2018

2018 Diary Main Dates  
Day Date Event Result
Sunday 28/01/2018 Captains Drive In  
Sunday 08/04/2018 Spring Waltz  
Sunday 29/04/2018 Anniversary Cup  
Saturday 02/06/2018 Early Bird  
Wednesday 20/06/2018 Mid Summer Fayre  
Saturday 07/07/2018 Club Championship 36 / Captains Shield 18  
Saturday 14/07/2018 Mens Invitational  
Tuesday 24/07/2018 Ladies Invitation Day  
Sunday 05/08/2018 Captains Festival  
Sunday 12/08/2018 Simpsons Charity Golf  
Saturday 02/09/2018 Captains Claret Medal  
Wednesday 12/09/2018 Jimmy Fairweather Trophy  
Sunday 07/10/2018 Larry Gage/Jerry High  
Sunday 28/10/2018 Halloween Green Keepers Revenge  
Sunday 09/12/2018 Xmas Fayre  
Myhill Trophy and Cullington    
Day Date Event Result
Sunday 22/04/2018 Myhill and Cullington 1st Rd  
Sunday 17/06/2018 Myhill and Cullington 2nd Rd  
Sunday 22/07/2018 Myhill and Cullington 3rd Rd  
Sunday 19/08/2018 Myhill and Cullington Semi-Final  
Sunday 16/09/2018 Myhill and Cullington Final  
Barnard Trophy      
Day Date Event Result
Wednesday 25/04/2018 Barnard 1st Round  
Wednesday 06/06/2018 Barnard 2nd Round  
Wednesday 04/07/2018 Barnard 3rd Round  
Wednesday 01/08/2018 Barnard Semi - Final  
Wednesday 29/08/2018 Barnard  Final  
County Order of Merit    
Day Date Event Result
Sunday 25/03/2018 Costessey Park  
Monday 29/04/2018 Thetford  
Tuesday 03/06/2018 Royal Norwich  
Wednesday 15/07/2018 Swaffham  
Thursday 29/07/2018 King's Lynn  
Friday 12/08/2018 Eaton  
Other County Competitions    
Day Date Event Result
Thursday 09/08/2018 County Seniors Championships - Bawburgh  
Sunday 09/09/2018 County Centenary Trophy (Roger Trower Armada Dish) - Thetford