We offer 4 different types of Facial treatments. Each treatment has a specific routine tailored to suit your skin needs. 'A beautiful skin is a healthy skin'.

After an in-depth consultation with your therapist the following steps are completed to ensure a wonderful experience, specialist knowledge is necessary to gain maximum benefit from the treatment.

Relaxing Facial (suitable for all skin types) 

60 mins £35

Age Resist

60 mins £45

Swedish Facial  (suitable for all skin types)

45 mins £30
Mini Facial (suitable for all skin types)  30 mins


 Relaxing RrR,,,,,R

Relaxing Facial

Step 1. A thorough skin analysis is carried out, assessing your skin type. This enables the therapist to use the correct products suited to your skin type. Enhancing, relaxing & rejuvenating the layers of the skin.

Step 2. Cleansing, Toning & Exfoliation is performed, preparing the skin for massage.

Step 3. A relaxing 20 minute massage to the face, neck and shoulders.

Step 4. Steaming hot towels are used to help open pores up further, allowing the oils to penetrate deeper into the skins epidermis. Also a relaxing way to finish the massage.

Step 5. A facial mask is applied to the face & neck. Whilst at this resting period your therapist will offer you a head or hand massage, for the ultimate relaxation.

Step 6. A moisturiser & eye cream is applied, working to protect against environmental conditions & working with the skins natural balance.

Age Resist Facial

A new 60 minute intensive treatment which is designed for the mature skin that requires extra nourishment, protection from environmental damage and from the body's natural aging process.

Swedish Facial

Using the five basic Swedish massage styles (effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration & frictions) the massage is designed to invigorate, stimulate, tighten & relax the muscles of the face & neck.

Mini Facial

Consists of a cleanse, tone, massage & moisturise. Perfect for that freshly invigorated feeling.


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